Putranjiva Plants

Putranjiva is a plant genus of the family putranjivaceae , first described as a genus in 1826. It is native to southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Japan, Southern China and New Guinea.

In the year 1972,when our former President of India late Gyani Zail Singh ji dreamed about this tourism project Queen’s Flower Resort with a charisma to maintain old ayurvedic veda plantation is known as putranjiva plant. As advised and described by the ayurveda’s that sitting under this tree and a medicine prepared out of the fruit seeds of this tree, any human being (male & female) hormones will get multiplied and stronger to conceive for a male child.

Uses of Putranjiva:

  • Ayurvedic classics have highlighted the importance of Putranjivaka as the one which helps in progenation. The powder of the seed is given in a dose of 1-3 g with milk to improve the sperm count in males and help in maintain the fetus in pregnant women.
  • The paste of the leaf is applied over the area affected with burning sensation.
  • Fresh juice of Putranjivaka is given in a dose of 10-15 ml to treat elephantiasis and the paste of the leaf is applied over the affected leg.
  • Cold infusion prepared from the leaves of Putranjiva roxburghii is given in a dose of 20-30 ml to treat difficulty in micturition.
  • The seeds of the seed of Putranjivaka is made into paste and applied as collyrium to treat eye diseases.

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