Surahi Elite Class Bar

Elite Class Bar in Punjab

Drinks are an essential part of the hospitality experience that we offer. Not many people know that tradition of wine serving in India is age-old. Centuries ago the wine was served during important occasions and ceremonies during Mughal Empire. The Royalties of Indian palaces were served drinks in metal jar commonly known as Surahis, which were made of gold and silver.

Though a lot has changed over the decades, the tradition of drinking wine during celebrations and parties is the same. At Surahi Bar, we wish to recreate the Vintage era by giving our guests the same royal treatment with a modern touch. Surahi is our elite class bar, which is an amalgamation of modern sensibilities and traditional culture.

There are several posh bars that serve costliest of drinks, but the experience of enjoying your drink at Surahi is entirely different. You are treated like royalties by our bartenders. Not just that, but you can also choose from a variety of wines, whisky, and beers to suit your taste and preferences. We also offer lip-smacking munching that complements your drinking session.

Our bartenders are friendly and cordial who look forward to serving you. The ambience of Surahi is soothing and dim lights set up the right moods for a weekend relaxation enjoying a drink or two.

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