Candle Light Dinner

Book table for Candle Light Dinner in Punjab

Have you been looking for the perfect spot for a romantic evening? With Queen’s Resort by your side, get to ignite sparks between you and your partner the old-fashioned way. A candlelight dinner by the gorgeous running white water of the Sirhind Canal is just what you need. Get ready for an impactful evening with your beloved in an exotic location coupled with a wide range of delicacies. With our exclusive services, it will be nothing less than a worthy investment.

Surahi- Elite Class Bar – Celebrate with your beloved by embracing the wine serving tradition of the Mughal Empire.

Mezban Restaurant – Experience the unique delicacies of the Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisines at the Mezban Restaurant.

River-Side Restaurant – Go on a candlelight dinner date amidst the beauty of river water and lush green landscapes by the river-side restaurant.

We are set to make this evening a memorable one. With our experienced and friendly staff, we will cover all your needs. We are the ultimate option when you are in search for romance and glamour at the same place. Embrace the ecstatic experience of a romantic evening with your beloved at the Queen’s Flower Resort. 

Candle Light Dinner will be hosted on every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We strongly recommended that you reserve a table in advance.

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