Elite Class Bar

Special Bar in Queen Flower Resort

 Get ready to relax and rejoice with your friends or colleagues at our premium bar. Be it craft beer, or expensive scotch; we have it all. Right by the beautiful bank of Sirhind Canal, Queen’s Resort is the ultimate choice for a celebration. When alcoholic beverages are the need of the hour, Queen’s Resort is here to make it happen. With a gorgeous interior and pristine ambiance, we are going to offer you a multitude of options in drinks. Explore the menu with your favorite buddies and spend an evening worth remembering. Be it champagne or white wine; we are always ready to help you celebrate.

Surahi – Elite Class Bar – Get a taste of luxury with your choice of alcohol at our Elite Class Bar.

Mezban Restaurant – Pair your favorite drink with the most astounding Continental, Chinese, and Indian cuisines of the Mezban Restaurant.

River-Side Restaurant – Embrace the beauty of nature with your favorite alcoholic beverage for the perfect romantic evening.

Every celebration calls for alcohol, be it a promotion, engagement, or birthday. Make your evening count with your favorite cocktails. For a rather classy evening, our scotch, bourbon, or whiskey is here to keep you engaged. Irrespective of the magnitude of your celebration, Queen’s Flower Resort will be here to serve you.


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